St. Kilian's Community School, Ballywaltrim, Bray

Registration, Book Rental and School Uniform 2016-2017

St Kilian’s Community School             Student Information                        Summer 2016




  • Payment of this fee is now due.
  • The fee includes the cost of the Student Journal and the cost of the premium for Brennan Insurance.
  • All money collected through Registration fees is spent solely on student activities.
  • Transition Year fees are higher than others, due to the greater expense attached to this programme.


Registration Fees (to be paid by Friday, August 5th 2016)

Transition Year (TY)students


Leaving Cert Applied (LCA) students


Students from all other Years


  • Full Registration fees apply to the first two children in a family.
  • The Registration Fee for third and subsequent children is €25.
  • Full fees must be paid for all TY and LCA students, regardless of the number of family members.


(2)      BOOK RENTAL


  • All students must return their books to Room 33 immediately.
  • Students who do not return their books may be removed from the Book Rental Scheme.
  • The Book Rental Scheme reduces books-related costs by roughly 50%.
  • The school is extremely grateful to Ms Helen Browne, Ms Carmel Bermingham and the Parents’ Association who provide this service to the school on a completely voluntary basis.
  • The Deputy Principal will be available in early August to meet with families who may need assistance with Book Rental fees. Appointments should be made through the Main Office.


Book Rental Fees (to be paid by August 12th 2016)

Students who have not paid their Book Rental fee will not be issued with books.

1st Years (including €50 deposit)


2nd Years


3rd Years (including Mock exam papers)


4th Years, 5th Years


6th Years (including Mock exam papers)


*Note: All 1st Years and new entrants pay a €50 deposit which is refundable at the end of the student’s time at school, on return of all books in good condition.




  • The school uniform is available from The Schoolwear House, Greystones.
  • Uniforms will be available at the school on Tuesday, August 9th from 10.00am to 12.00 noon.
  • Shoes must be Black or Brown.
  • Girls wearing skirts must wear Black/Wine/Green knee-socks or tights.
  • On PE days, students may wear their PE gear to school.
  • Students wearing incorrect uniform and/or footwear may be sent home.


Uniform Prices (2016)     The Schoolwear House, Unit 1, Tesco Shopping Centre, Greystones (Ph. 2873420)

School Fleece


School Jumper (Wine/Green)


Tracksuit Bottoms (Black)


School Skirt (Wine/Green)


Tracksuit  Polo Shirt (With crest)


School Tie (Wine/Green)


Tracksuit Top (Green with crest)


Trousers (Mid-grey)

€23 - €26.50

School Shirt (Cream/White)


Note: Junior = Wine; Senior = Green