St. Kilian's Community School, Ballywaltrim, Bray

Guidance / Counselling

The Guidance team comprises Ms Mary Casey and Ms Helen Conway.

The Guidance team supports the students in a number of ways. As members of the Care Team, they support the welfare and wellbeing of all of the students. As Career Guidance teachers, they advise and support the students in college and career choices, both in classroom settings and through one-to-one consultations.

Parents and Guardians who have queries or concerns in these areas, should contact the school office to arrange to speak/meet with a member of the Guidance Team.

The Guidance Team organises an annual College and Careers Awareness Week. This will take place from Monday, December 4th to Friday, December 8th 2023, during this school year.

For further information about this and other guidance-related information and events, please go to the Guidance Information button on this website's homepage.

The school's Guidance Plan can be accessed in the Policies section of this website.